Cocaine & Rhinestones simply would not exist if not for how many listeners have given back to the podcast, so thank you for even being on this page of the website, as that means you’re considering how to support the show. In order to remain independent and uphold the standard set by first season, it has proven necessary to create several options for fans to help. So far, none alone would be sufficient to fund the project but, together, they add up to enough. More details below.



Become a Patron!

Patreon is the best way to help me continue making the show: It’s all explained on my profile over there, so I’ll not repeat myself here but the main thing to know is patrons do get access to a monthly post about whatever I’m working on at the time.

One-time contributions are possible through Patreon by signing up as a patron, entering the amount you want to send and then simply cancelling your subscription. However, those who don’t wish to go through that process may send money through PayPal by using the “Send” link on this page: PayPal

It takes a lot of books to create this podcast. Those who wish can send me a book or two from the massive list of resources I will need to acquire at some point when those topics become relevant to future episodes. Amazon is the only practical way to offer this option: C&R Book Wishlist.

And, finally, it does cost money to produce merchandise and a lot of what I earn from this option will just go back into making more merch… However, every person walking around wearing a C&R t-shirt or displaying a C&R sticker is a potential conversation about the podcast, which you already know is my favorite way for people to learn about the show. So, if nothing else, thank you for listening, thank you for reading this page and I hope you’ll check out whatever is currently in the official C&R Merch Store.