Spade Cooley

Spade Cooley took Western Swing, put a high performance engine under the hood, gave it a cherry red paint job and sold it to Los Angeles for a mint. If Spade had run for Mayor of Hollywood in 1950, he probably would have won. That’s how famous and universally loved he was.

Unfortunately, he’s now mostly remembered for the sadistic torture and despicable murder of his wife. CR 003 tells this tale in all its horrifying details. If Spade is mentioned in any other episodes, you’ll find those below as well.

Spade Cooley

CR003 The Murder Ballad of Spade Cooley

1200 630 Cocaine & Rhinestones

Spade Cooley came to California in the early 1930s, as poor as everyone else who did the exact same thing at the exact same time. Only, Spade became a millionaire. And all he needed to accomplish that was a fiddle, a smile and a strong work ethic. If it sounds like the American Dream, stick around to hear how it became an American nightmare of substance abuse, mental illness and, eventually, sadistic torture and murder.

If this episode doesn’t screw you up, you’re already screwed up.

Recommended if you like: Western Swing, murder ballads, My Favorite Murder, True Crime Garage (or any other “true crime” or “murder” podcasts, really), Tex Williams, Bob Wills, fiddles and having nightmares.

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