Nashville A-Team

As implied by the name, these session musicians were regarded (by everyone) as the best in town. Not so much a core group of individuals, as a catch-all term for those who found themselves always at the top of the call sheets.

Any episode of Cocaine & Rhinestones that does not have a member of the Nashville A-Team playing in a song clip is far and away the exception. But the episodes below specifically reference the Nashville A-Team as especially relevant to the story being told.

Shelby Singleton

CR007 Harper Valley PTA, Part 1: Shelby S. Singleton

1200 630 Cocaine & Rhinestones

Two words to sum up the career of Shelby Singleton?

Publicity stunt.

You think all it takes to make a hit record is to find a good song and get a good performance of it?

That’s cute. Have a seat and let an old-school record man show you how it’s done. This is Shelby Singleton.

When it took driving a trunk full of records around the country to make them into hits, that’s what he did. Then he became a producer. Then he became a VP at Mercury Records. Then he founded an independent musical empire in Nashville and really got to work making new enemies.

This episode is recommended for fans of: marketing, publicity, controversy, rockabilly, Supermensch (the documentary on Shep Gordon), George Jones, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, David Allan Coe, Margie Singleton, Jeannie C. Riley and Roger Miller.

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