Fred Rose

Fred Rose wrote “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain.” It’s not a co-write with some other songwriter. He sat down and wrote that shit by himself. That’s really all you need to know. Except you probably also want to look for Fred’s name on the label of some of Hank Williams Sr.’s most beloved hits because you’ll find it there.

And Fred is the “Rose” in Acuff-Rose, which you’ll hear discussed in many episodes of Cocaine & Rhinestones. (Particularly, the ones below.)

Louvin Brothers in cabin

CR006 The Louvin Brothers: Running Wild

1200 630 Cocaine & Rhinestones

The Louvin Brothers are widely regarded as the most influential harmony duo to ever cut a country song. The way Charlie and Ira could sing together is downright otherworldly. There’s even a special term we had to invent for family (it’s always/only family) who can sing this way: blood harmony. That being said, it’s possible we’ve never heard what they could really do.

By the way, do you believe in evil?

This episode delves in to exactly what blood harmony is and how the magic of it can’t save you from beating the living hell out of each other at every opportunity. Here is the story of two dirt-poor brothers who fought for fifteen years to achieve their lifelong dream and what happened after that. (Hint: it involves whiskey and bullets.)

This episode is recommended for fans of: singing, physics, the Radiolab podcast, mandolins and Roy Acuff.

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