Dixie Hall

What was shaping up to be a very successful songwriting career for Dixie Dean (sometimes spelled “Deen”) in the 1960s took a sharp left turn near the end of the decade when she met and married Tom T. Hall. Her early works were recorded by Johnny Cash, Dave Dudley, Buck Owens, Flat & Scruggs and others.

A couple of decades later, when Tom T. Hall tried to retire from music, Dixie came out of retirement to become his writing partner and keep him in the game. Hear more about that in CR009 (on Tom T. Hall) and hear more about Dixie when she pops up in more episode of the podcast below.

Harper Valley PTA, Part 3: Tom T. Hall

CR009 Harper Valley PTA, Part 3: Tom T. Hall

1200 630 Cocaine & Rhinestones

They call him The Storyteller because he distills life into words.¬†Behind any story worth telling, you’ll always find another story. Maybe if we can get behind some of his best stories, we can reverse engineer the alchemy of Tom T. Hall. Maybe we’ll find the story about who he is and how he’s able to do what he can do with the English language…

Probably not but, worst case scenario, it will be an incredibly entertaining waste of time. Beginning with a condensed history of country music radio, we follow Tom T. from his early days as a young DJ into a seemingly effortless realization of his destiny to become one of country music’s greatest songwriters ever.

This episode is highly recommended for fans of songwriting, arguing about music, Net Neutrality, the music business, Bobby Bare, Dave Dudley, Jimmy C. Newman, Hank Cochran and songs for children.

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