Cedarwood Music

The publishing company founded by Jim Denny and Webb Pierce. This is the first major contender to the throne Acuff-Rose had built for itself a decade earlier. Cedarwood making space for itself caused a rift right down the middle of the Grand Ole Opry. The first episode of Cocaine & Rhinestones tells this story in detail.

Other episodes below also feature Cedarwood Music in some way.

Ernest Tubb Texas Defense Social

CR001 Ernest Tubb: The Texas Defense

1200 630 Cocaine & Rhinestones

Everyone loves Ernest Tubb.

So when he straps on a gun belt one night to head across town and snuff out a character named Jim Denny, well, you might guess that ol’ Jim had it coming. Maybe he didn’t, maybe he did…

For you to make up your own mind, we’ll need to go behind-the-scenes of 650 AM WSM in Nashville, The Grand Ole Opry and the world of country music publishing companies.

This episode is highly recommended for fans of Jimmie Rodgers, Johnny Paycheck, Justin Tubb, George Jones, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Hank Williams, Roy Acuff and Matlock. Yes, Matlock.

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